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Sell online faster

If you’re an online retailer, time is money. At Zelz, our comprehensive Shopify solutions simplify and streamline the retail process, giving you more time to put into your business. From template selection, custom graphics and product uploading to data harvesting and collection, Zelz will handle your product legwork at a price that fits your budget.

A little about us
  • After years spent creating Shopify sites for retailers both large and small, we recognized an underlying need for all of them: Simplification. Owners were spending inordinate amounts of time and energy on technical details that could easily and efficiently be taken care of by an expert—thereby freeing them to focus on their business.

  • To fill this need, Zelz has streamlined the process with a variety of packages that will help you build your Shopify site and keep it going—smoothly and effortlessly. We also use our branding expertise to make sure you’re represented in the best possible way: celebrating your unique personality and establishing a distinct online identity.

Streamline your business, expand your reach, boost your profits.

Let the experienced creative team at Zelz do what we do best and market your business, while you do what you do best and run your business.

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Our design team will help create your logo, customize your website, and design anything and everything else you need to streamline your Shopify business. Whether you’re a small or medium sized business owner, we have a graphic designer to suit your needs within your budget. Shopify is a an amazing user friendly platform for retailers but designing and implementing your business onto a web platform can be frustrating and time consuming. Not to mention there are so many intricacies to account for such as design and user experience, digital marketing and product layout. Let Zelz tackle this for you.
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Product Uploading
If your data is already organized, simply give it to us and our Zelz data specialists will process it into batch uploading.
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Data Harvesting and Collection
We can process PDFs, links, even legible hard copies, upload them onto your Shopify site, and you’ll be ready to sell.
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Support when you need it

Our dedicated support team is here to help guide you through the process and give you a better understanding of Shopify. We’ll help you learn the ropes yourself. We offer complimentary training in our packages.