Terms and Conditions

The more information you include above, the better service we can provide for you. Therefore, please upload any images, sketches, drawings, videos (even mobile screen recordings) etc., of what you have in mind.

After your service is ordered, we'll send you a collaborator request within 24 hours of purchase. 

Our normal business hours are M-F 9-5 PM. Please allow up until the following Monday for purchases made on Friday to be completed.

We cannot take responsibility for changes made on your end that affect our work. Therefore, please ensure that none of your staff accounts will be working on the site during our service implementation.

I understand that 1 set of revisions, after service completion, is included in this price. Any extra sets of revisions afterward are subject to additional charges.*

In order to avoid additional fees, please be sure to that all desired revisions are communicated before the first revision set is made

Please check the box above in order for your service request to be processed: